Happy birthday, because Facebook said so

birthdayfbFirst of all, I need to admit that what I did to write this blog isn’t very nice, but it was for experimental purposes so I hope people will forgive me 🙂

What I did?

My birthday is on 20th of June, and on that day I recieved over 150 congratulation messages.
Ok. This was very nice and I tried to answer everybody who had sent theese messages. And then I realized – I don’t even know some of those people. They would send message like that on any day of the year if Facebook told them that it is my birthday.

This is when I decided to see how many people would wish me a happy birthday one month later.
On 20th of July I have changed my birthday to 21th July, and waited.
From midnight to 10am about 40 people sent me a “happy birthday” wish, and most of them had already done the same thing on actual birthday.
Suprisingly or not, only handfull of people realized what i did.
Sometime around 10am I decided to stop the joke since it became clear that number of messages would reach 100. I corrected my birthday in my Facebook profile, but then interesting thing happened – Inertia. It works on social networks too. People continued sending me messages because people before did that. They didn’t even see when the birthday was.

Why this happened. Well, how many birthdays do you know without going to Facebook?
I am sure for about 15 people. For another 30 people i can guess birthday within few days, but I am not sure about exact date. I have around 600 Facebook friends.
So this means that I don’t know birthday for 550 Facebook friends. But for that 550 people, my message doesn’t mean much, and for people I realy care about, I don’t need Facebook to tell me it is their birthday.

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  1. here 7. June 2012. / 07:36

    Have you given any kind of consideration at all with converting your webpage in to German? I know a couple of of translaters here that would help you do it for free if you wanna make contact with me personally.

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