WordPress with large navigation menus

wpI have been using WordPress for creating web sites for over a year now, and although it is very good, and covers most of my demands, there are situations when Joomla has advantage over WP.

Let’s assume we have a website with about 50 categories. It is not highly likely, but it isn’t impossible. Once you’ve done with creating all of them, you may want to arrange them in to navigation menu. WordPress is great for editing menus with it’s drag ‘n drop panel, but problem is saving menus with more than 40 items in it (even if it only contains external links).

I’m not quite sure how this works but it seems to me that when we press “Save menu” button, program updates or even re-creates all of menu database entries. Somebody might shed some light on this topic for me 🙂
So if you have an avarage shared hosting, and you try to save 40+ item menu, you might get an error saying:

If this happens all of menu items that haven’t been saved ’till the break of script will be “forgotten”, and you will have to create them again.

Of course, there is a solution to this problem. You can do a simple edit of your wp-config.php file, and add line of code like this on top of your config file:

This enables your script to run for 300 seconds (you can put any value in here), and makes it possible to save large menu, but you can guess – save can last up to several minutes, depending on size of menu. So if you have menu this big, and it has to be changed often, you will lose a lot of time editing and saving your menu.

There is a second option. You can split your menu into two separate menus, and than edit your theme to show them together, but this requires you to have knowelege of PHP and WordPress framework.


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