5 things you shouldn’t do with your laptop

I guess everyone had caught themselves doing one of things I will be describing in following lines. You should avoid these situations whenever possible. It’s mostly bad for your laptop, but it can be bad for your health, too.

Drinking during work

We have all done this at least once, but why should you avoid doing this?
Simple. You will put your glass next to laptop, dig deep in your work, and than your phone will ring, or someone will call your name, and you will make a sudden move, and one moment later, content of your glass might find it’s way to your keyboard.
Next step is taking your laptop to service, and wasting substantial amount of money.

Leaving your laptop in a car

Whether it was winter or summer, your car is just not a place you should leave a laptop in.
Not because there is a risk of a robbery, but because of car temperature.
If it is summer, on hot day, temperature in your car might rise up to 70 degrees centigrade. This will cause most of laptop cases to melt, and TFT monitors to brake.
On the other side, if it is a cold day with temperature about 15 or 20 degrees below zero, there is a good chance of your monitor cracking. So you should be very careful leaving your laptop in a car. Fixing a monitor is expensive, and sometimes it is just cheaper to buy new laptop

Don’t leave CD/DVD in drive while carrying laptop

As we all know, laptop is meant to be carried around in a bag or something similar.
While carrying laptop you will kick it, tumble it, and if there is a CD or DVD in drive it could get jammed in a case, and you need to have it fixed. It is not very expensive to do this, but why taking a chance? It’s not so hard to take the disk out of drive, is it?

Be cautious while cleaning your screen

Don’t use chemical cleaners (like window cleaners). Soaked rag will do the trick. If you have to use chemical cleaner, don’t spray it over a screen. Spray it on rag, and then clean.

Don’t keep laptop in your lap

Although its name suggests it belongs in your lap, that is actually last place you should keep it. There are two good reasons for this.
First: If you are planning on having children, often using your laptop this way might reduce you chances of making your plan a reality. Besides, some say it can cause cancer.
When on your body, electromagnetic field of laptop can get 4 times stronger than mobile phone, and equal to EMF of power line of 230 kilovolts from 15 meters away.
Second: If you are not so interested in your own health, using laptop this way can be harmful for your laptop, too. Holding laptop in your lap is keeping it from cooling down.
From same reason it is not recomended to keep laptop in your bed. Not only because of cooling problem, but there is also a dust issue.

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  1. Laptopija 8. October 2013. / 15:10

    Great post. I confirmed all these rules in practice. We need to learn from the mistakes of others…

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