Setup MS Visio in Linux with Wine and Play on Linux

I mostly use Ubuntu Linux, but I also need to use Microsoft Office Visio often, so I tried to install it through Wine, but I came across a bit of a problem.

Program is actualy working as planned, except for one thing. All property boxes are shown as multiline inputs, so they began to overlap.
Then I installed “Play on Linux” and installed Visio through it (both Wine and Play on Linux are available from Ubuntu repo, so you can install it using apt or Software center).
After this I went for Configure option.

Visio in Play on Linux

From here I have selected Microsoft Office Visio and went to “Install packages” tab and installed: corefonts, msxml3, riched20, riched30, gdiplus.
I’m not sure if all theese are reqired, but good people of Internet say they are, and turns out it really works.

After this I have started Visio again, and all property fields were back to normal.

Hope this gets usefull to somebody.

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  1. Justin 5. May 2013. / 23:42

    I found this article very helpful. I needed to use Visio for a CIS class project and I do not use Windows. At all. So finding a solution for running the software was high on the priority list. Suffice to say that your article made it happen. Thank you!

    • Lina 22. May 2013. / 06:32

      Justin, may also be worth checking out Lucidchart as a <a href=””>Linux Visio alternative</a> if you don’t want to have to load up Visio.  It’s free for students (and cheap for everyone else) and can import/export Visio files.

  2. luwen 10. August 2013. / 01:37

    I found this article very helpful. can you give me the link of the office 2007,because i download other version but it doesnt contain the visio . Thank you very very much

    • Vuk Stanković 10. August 2013. / 20:25

      I don’t really have link. I have downloaded it via DreamSpark since I’m a student

      • luwen 12. August 2013. / 07:19

        hi,can you give me the software package? i really do need it! my email is [email protected]. i am a student too,i really do want the visio.thank you

  3. Creately 23. February 2015. / 11:55

    Better to use dia than visio. Anyway I tried this with an earlier version of wine and didn’t work since there is a error popping up saying some libraries are not available. Its better to use a platform independent solution (web based)

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